3 Good Reasons To Track Your UTV For Hunting

UTVs are great hunting vehicles, but they have one drawback: most aren't winter-friendly. Stock tires may handle plowed roads, but unless you've invested in some pretty extreme off-road tires, you'll get stuck in the snow as soon as you take your UTV off the road.

Some people are perfectly content with tucking away their UTV as soon as the first snowfall hits and hibernating until all the snow melts away. Not hunters. Winter is the best hunting season, after all!

Parking your truck on the side of the road and then trekking through snow on foot until you find the perfect hunting spot isn’t quite feasible. What happens when you tag an animal? Many people don’t have the muscle to drag a 300-pound prize to the truck.

Buying a snowmobile for wintertime hunting makes some sense, but a tracked UTV is a better solution for several reasons:

1. More Room for Gear

When hunting by foot or on a snowmobile, you have to put a lot of thought into what you need to bring with you. If you have hunting dogs, you have to figure out if bringing them would be ideal.

You don’t have to worry about cherry picking your gear with a tracked UTV, as many UTVs – such as the Polaris General, Polaris Ranger, and Yamaha Rhino – come with a large bed for gear, dog boxes, prizes, and more.

Tracked utv

Keep your hunting dogs safe and warm on the back of your UTV with a dog box.

2. Better Weather Protection

Many UTVs come with a cab that protects you from wind and snowfall. You can also install an UTV cab enclosure (like this one for the Yamaha Rhino) to help keep yourself warm. Riding a snowmobile leaves you at the mercy of Mother Nature, which may diminish your hunting experience.

If you plan on bringing your hunting dogs with you, they'll be safer and more comfortable in the back of your UTV. Getting them a dog box protects them from the weather, keeping them sharp so they can track your kill. A safe, comfortable, and warm hunting dog will perform better than a dog that isn’t.

3. Versatility

Navigating rough terrain can be hairy with a snowmobile. UTVs, on the other hand, have enough power, torque, and agility to get into tight spaces without much trouble. That means you can travel to more places with a tracked UTV than you can with a snowmobile.

How to Track Your UTV

There are two different ways to track your UTV: buy a DIY tracking kit or have a shop install tracks for you.

You have a few good brands to choose from, including Mattracks, Commander, and Kimpex.

If you decide to track your UTV, we’d love to see it! Share pictures of your tracked UTV in action on our Facebook page.